Girls’ civilization (MULTi3) – [Tiny Repack]

This is basically Mount and Blade with all anime-style girl armies, an obvious and necessary improvement. In addition to leading your fierce warband, you can choose the color of their panties.

The game is a bit bare bones at the time of this review in terms of ui and settings, although perfectly playable. You can fight and raise a small army with various units such as polearms, swords, archers, crossbows, etc.

Everything seems to run fine and even supports 4k, too. It looks pretty nice with a variety of clothing textures. The voice acting for the early dialogue sounds quite professional. The dialogue can be pretty amusing at times.

Mostly so far you run around the world fighting skirmishes, but it looks like there are ways to own and siege castles and manage resource buildings. The battles flow pretty well. You can issue orders to your units although this is made somewhat tricky due to the fact that your leader can be killed while you are issuing orders. After the battle, you get some loot which you can dismantle for material to use for recruiting or distribute to a lieutenant’s booty (literally.)

I’m actually enjoying running around fighting armies quite a bit. It will be interesting to see larger battles and the siege warfare eventually.

Repack Features
– Based on Girls Civilization-PLAZA – plaza-girls.civilization.iso (14.8 GB)
– Audio : Japanese
– Text : English, Japanese, Simplified Chinese
– Repack Size : 7.6 GB , After Install 27 GB