Ori and the Will of the Wisps (2020) PC | RePack by FitGirl

The repack is based on the ISO image Ori_and_the_Will_of_the_Wisps-HOODLUM: hlm-oriandthewillofthewisps.iso (6,790,129,664 bytes)
100% Lossless and MD5 Perfect: all files after installation are identical to the original release with a bit accuracy
NOTHING is cut, NOTHING is recoded
Significantly improved compression (from 6.3 to 3.5 GB)
Installation takes 2-5 minutes (depending on your system)
After installation, the game takes 15 GB
After installation, the option to check the checksums of all files is available to make sure that the repack is installed normally
Language changes in the game settings
Installing a repack requires a minimum of 2 GB of free RAM (including virtual)