Sea of Solitude [MULTi6] – CorePack | 711 MB


Title: Sea of Solitude

Release Date: July 5, 2019

Genre: Adventure

Developer: Jo-Mei Games

Publisher: Electronic Arts


In the game Sea of Solitude, you will help a young girl challenge loneliness. Take a voyage through a bewitching and developing world where deception awaits you everywhere. Meet fantastic creatures and monsters, find out their stories and solve puzzles. Explore a flooded city by boat, on foot or directly across the water. Dare to look at what lies beneath the surface in the eternal struggle of light and darkness, and find out how it feels to be a man.

EMOTIONAL JOURNEY The Sea of Solitude game invites you to an intricate journey through the mind of a girl Kay trying to cope with loneliness. Help Kay take a look at what lies beneath the surface and beyond, and get out of the sea of loneliness in the story of the eternal struggle of light and darkness.

METAPHORIC WORLD As events unfold, the gloomy and raging world of Kay will begin to change and become brighter and more colorful. The water level will rise and will reflect her thoughts, which will affect the appearance of the flooded city and open up new places and opportunities for the player.

INTERNAL DEMONS Meet fantastic creatures, solve puzzles and rid the world of painful memories. Meet beautiful and terrifying monsters who also suffer from loneliness. By reassuring monsters, Kay learns more about both them and himself, and also understands how it feels to be a human being.


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