Stellaris: Galaxy Edition [v + DLCs] (2016) PC | Xatab repack

“Based on the release of GOG from RG GOGFAN
” Nothing is cut / recoded
“Game version (33176)
” Additional content:
Complete Soundtrack (FLAC)
Complete Soundtrack (mp3)
DLC: eBook Infinite Frontiers
DLC: Apocalypse
DLC : Utopia
DLC: Distant Stars Story Pack
DLC: Synthetic Dawn Story Pack
DLC: Leviathans Story Pack
DLC: Humanoids Species Pack
DLC: Plantoids Species Pack
DLC: Anniversary Portraits
DLC: Horizon Signal
DLC: Arachnoid Portrail Pack
DLC: MegaCorp
DLC: Ancient Relics Story Pack
DLC: Lithoids Species Pack
“Installation time 5 minutes (Depends on the computer)
” Change the language in the launcher of the game (Launcher is required to install)
Repack from xatab